Welcome to the Village

Having spent the past 35 years of my life at Avon and having had two of my sons graduate from Avon Old Farms, I understand clearly the powerful, enduring impact this school makes on each student who passes through our doors.

From Pete Seeger, the iconic American folk singer and humanitarian, to Brian Leetch, the very best American-born hockey player, our alumni include leaders in every profession imaginable. What makes us most proud of our students and alumni is the manner in which they approach their lives. For while we focus on helping each boy at school discover his own unique gifts and explore his passions, he engages in these opportunities within a culture that honors good citizenship and responsible living.

Our mission statement, “Avon Old Farms School strives to be the best college preparatory school for boys by cultivating young men of integrity, who honor wisdom, justice, inclusion, service, and the pursuit of truth,” effectively describes our goal in working with each of our students. It is difficult to spend time on our campus without feeling a mighty sense of place and community which guides the traditional education that occurs in our classrooms, on our playing fields, in our performance venues, and throughout our 800 acres of natural beauty.

Because we know and understand boys, we are able to inspire them and to help them along the road that leads to self-discovery, independence, and manhood. The lessons learned in the Village of Old Farms are forged through shared experiences with faculty and brothers. They are lessons that endure and are built within the foundations of our core values of scholarship, sportsmanship, integrity, and brotherhood.

Exploring our website will provide you with important information about Avon Old Farms and will, hopefully, encourage you to visit our unique campus where you will feel the special spirit of community which is a hallmark of our school.

Aspirando et Perseverando!

Kenneth H. LaRocque

Time-Honored Foundation

The functional 1927 sun dial set into the Headmaster's Residence reminds us that although time keeps moving forward, the core values of Avon Old Farms – exemplified by our leadership – will endure.