The Intersession experience influences how students and faculty approach their work in the traditional curriculum.

Theodate Pope Riddle, the founder of Avon Old Farms, strongly believed that students should work alongside faculty mentors to produce meaningful work.

The idea behind Intersession is to broaden the curriculum while creating opportunities for excursions, experiential learning, and interdisciplinary work. Intersession honors that tradition by encouraging students and faculty alike to delve deeply into a single topic that interests them and to produce something tangible and valuable with their efforts. During the two-week program, students and faculty devote all of their academic attention to one course; the course may explore a traditional academic topic in great detail, or it may focus on an area outside the traditional curriculum. At the end of the program, each class presents what they have learned to the wider community.

A Sampling of Intersession 2017 Courses


Students learned the fundamentals of flying and visited the airport and New England Air Museum.

Business of Sports

Guest speakers, such as Karl Ravech from ESPN, taught students the ins and outs of the professional sports world.

CAD Engineering

Students learned all about 3D printing and visited UConn and several other institutions for hands-on innovation.

Fire and Knives: Cooking

Through trips to the butcher, local cooking store, and a neighborhood kitchen, students learned how to cook up a gourmet meal.


Although singing is an art, there is a science behind recording a song. Students visited a recording studio and presented a complete song to the student body. Watch the class perform a tribute to their mothers.


After sequencing their own DNA in the lab, students headed to Courtagen in Boston to learn from two of our alumni about cutting edge changes in the world of genetics.

"Best class ever."

When young men are given the space, structure, and opportunity to experience a trade, science, or art from qualified instructors – simply put – they thrive.

Personal Finance

Students got a taste of the business aspect of personal finance. Guest speakers and a trip to Goldman Sachs in New York City opened the students' perspective to what a career in the world of finance would entail.

History and Business of Video Games

Gaming is one of the largest growing industries of the century. Students learned how video games have evolved and spoke with high-level management from some of the fore-running video game entities in the industry.

Fly Fishing

After learning how to tie flies at Orvis, students made several trips to the Farmington River to experience winter fishing.

Model UN

International diplomacy is vital to promoting worldwide peace: our students visited New York to see where some of the biggest global decisions are made.

Life Skills

From ironing to changing a tire, our boys participated in simulation labs to grow in simple – yet crucial – ways.

Night Sky

Students gained an understanding of the breadth of the universe as they studied astronomical details by day and marveled at the expansive blanket of sky by night.

Intersession is Where I...

"I truly got a lot out of my experience and learned more than I was expecting to. I also enjoyed hanging out with a different group of students."

Avon Old Farms Student