Digital Storytelling: Student-Driven Media Projects

Winter 2017-18 Content Creators: TJ Shaw '18 and Cam Andrews '17


TJ Shaw

I am a photographer who has spent three years shooting at Avon Old Farms. I specialize in sports, but I also really enjoy shooting concerts and other events on campus. I have been fortunate enough to have my work been published several times in different magazines and journals. Aside from photography, I am the Vice Editor in Chief and Photo Editor of the Avon Record, I am the Co-President of the photography club and am a member of the Varsity Golf team. This year I am seeking to train a new student photographer who will replace me and continue a legacy of students photographers at Avon Old Farms. 

TJ's Photography

The Independent Project Program

The Independent Project Program is for students that show exceptional skill in a niche area such as photography, video, art, writing, and engineering. Students are placed under the expertise of professionals both on and off campus to learn how to expand in their own gifts and desires to excel. Each student is required to complete a significant project or series of projects and then present what he learned to the entire student body at the end of the semester. Given the space to experience a trade with the guidance of trained and proven adults, students build their resume and gain invaluable experience as they seek further education in that field.

Fall 2017 Content Creator: Alvaro de la Cruz '18

Alvaro de la Cruz '18 is a promising filmmaker who has used his creative energy to promote the mission of non-profit organizations such as the Healing Meals Community Project through video storytelling. Alvaro was born and raised in Puerto Rico and is currently completing his fourth year at Avon Old Farms School. He is an integral part of the community at the school, a member of the swim team and outreach program, and president of the Red Cross and International Club.  

As part of the Afternoon Independent Project program offered at Avon Old Farms, Alvaro is dedicating his fall afternoons to capturing and presenting feature snippets of his classmates — other Men of Avon. Alvaro hopes to "gain more experience as a cinematographer and learn more about the social media marketing aspect of digital storytelling" as he pursues a future career in filmmaking. 

THE "MAN-2-MAN" SERIES: An Avon Student by Alvaro de la Cruz—An Avon Student