Avon's Newest Warden
Posted 09/01/2016 03:00PM

Avon Welcomes Its Newest Warden

This year's first Featured Avonian is the school's new warden, Kevin Sieber '17. Sieber’s leadership credentials on campus are unquestionable. As a rising junior, Sieber won the Woodwell Leadership Award, which recognizes a student who demonstrates leadership potential and a desire to give back to the Avon community. Sieber begins the year with an impressive list of leadership positions in addition to his role leading the Student Council as the warden. While taking an array of the school's most challenging courses, he now serves as the president of the Red Cross Club, the president of the Junior Achievement Club, a writer for the Avon Record, one of the heads of Avon Outreach, the head admissions ambassador, and the head monitor of Jamerson Dormitory. 

When asked why he took it upon himself to get involved in so many aspects of school, Sieber replied, “Honestly, I think it's a great way to get to know people. If I get to know someone who likes to do something with business in the Junior Achievement Club and also someone who likes to help people in the Red Cross Club, I think it's a great way to get a sense of the community as a whole.”

He cites a former warden as one of the primary inspirations for his level of involvement.

“I think as warden, my job is to know everyone on campus as best I can and being involved in all those clubs really helps,” Sieber said.  “I'll never forget meeting Mickoy Nichol '14, who was the warden my freshman year. He was someone I really looked up to and I immediately thought, 'It would be so cool just to be a senior on the Council like him.’ I never imagined I would follow in his footsteps as warden, too.”

Sieber learned from Nichol's precedent and, after only being involved in the Red Cross Club as a freshman day student, he decided he needed to get more involved around campus and made a radical change. “After freshman year, I thought, 'I don't think I know enough kids here as a day student,'” he said. “Maybe I just wasn't involved enough yet, but I took one large step and got more involved sophomore year by deciding to board and I quickly got to know a ton of people that way, so it was a wise choice for me.”

His decision to board ultimately led him to one of his most rewarding faculty relationships. “When I decided to board, I was placed in Jamerson Dorm where Mr. Mehos is the head dorm master. He chose me as a monitor there last year and I'm the head monitor this year so he's really had a huge influence on me.”

Anyone who has attended the school's end-of-year academic award ceremony in the past few years can attest to Sieber's excellence in the classroom. While he appreciates the challenges of a rigorous class schedule, his favorite class at Avon, ceramics, served as a creative outlet, providing a different set of expectations and difficulties while allowing Sieber to explore an artistic side of himself.“I never really saw myself making pottery, but I really enjoyed it and I really enjoyed Ms. McSpadden’s class,” he shared. “We always had a really good time. I think this is a great thing about Avon - I don't know if I would try something like ceramics at another school because of fear that someone would think it wasn't masculine enough, but here you can really get involved with artistic things like that without anyone judging you for it.”

His election as warden shows that no one at Avon judges Sieber as anything less than the best and we cannot wait to watch him lead the student body forward this year!