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Featured Alumnus: Ian Bomely '14
Jacqueline Keller

Featured Alumnus: Ian Bomely ’14

Ian Bomely is one of 17 Avonians currently working at his alma mater. Originally from Newington, Connecticut, Ian transferred to Avon Old Farms School to repeat his junior year of high school after feeling like just a number at his large public high school. While initially reluctant to live in the dorms while his own bedroom was just 15 minutes away, Ian was quickly won over by the Avon Brotherhood and the values of our school.

“Avon Old Farms had an incredible impact on my development as a young man and formed my future for adulthood, he said. “The lessons I learned here both in the classroom, on the sports field, and from the community was due to the incredible role models I had during my time here. I hope to pay that debt now as I am a part of this community and make a similar impact in the lives of all the students I interact with. Since graduating, I have lived by the school motto and will do the best I can to pass along those lessons to all students.”

At Avon, Ian played both offensive and defensive line on our varsity football team, managed the varsity wrestling team, and was a thrower on the varsity track & field team. During his short time here, Ian became a quintessential Man of Avon. He did well in the classroom, on the field, and in the community, partaking in two mission trips with Habitat for Humanity during school breaks. 

Upon graduating, Ian attended Salve Regina University where he continued playing football and participating in community service. He enrolled pre-med with a major in biology and a double minor in chemistry and neuroscience, but during his junior year, his plans changed.

“During my junior year of college, I came to a realization that I wanted to be involved in education of some sort—whether it be in the sports arena or the classroom.”

So, upon graduating, Ian took a teaching fellowship at Franklin Road Academy in Nashville, Tennessee, where his dreams of entering the education field were solidified. 

“While at Franklin Road, I realized that I wanted to be more than a teacher—I wanted to coach and mentor students. When I thought about where I could do that, the choice was simple: Avon Old Farms. My experience of having a guiding mentor was unique to Avon, and it’s what made all the difference.”

In 2019, Ian was offered a teaching position in our science department. He is excited to show our boys that science is a class that is meant to be fun and inspiring.

“I love science, and I want to evoke that excitement in my students—the worst thing in the world is going to a class you don’t want to be in. From keeping my kids organized with interactive notebooks to bringing science to life by putting an entire Happy Meal in a blender to test for protein content, I want my students to know that science is real and all around them.”

In just the first few days of classes, we have observed how magnetic Ian’s energy is inside his classroom. We cannot wait to see his students excel.