2017 Kicks Off With Intersession At Avon

Intersession 2017

When students returned to campus this month, they ushered in the new year by branching out and delving into a slew of new topics, thanks to an offering of 30 two-week intersession courses.

Intersession was based on our founder's approach to education which saw students working alongside their faculty mentors to produce their own meaningful work. Intersession encourages students to delve deeply into a single topic that interests them and to produce something tangible and valuable with their efforts.

During this year's intersession, some students and faculty are exploring traditional academic topics in great detail, such as CAD and 3D Printing or Programming in Excel. Others are focusing on an area outside the traditional curriculum through courses such as Fly Fishing & River Entomology, Memory Castles, Thought Experiments, and Other Fun Things To Do With Your Mind, and Songwriting.

At the end of the week, each class will present its work to the Avon community.

To follow along through pictures as the week progresses, visit the Intersession 2017 album on Avon Old Farm's SmugMug account.

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