End-of-the-Year Art Show


End-of-the-Year Art Show

2020 End-of-the-Year Art Show

This year, 128 students were enrolled in 17 arts courses at Avon Old Farms School. Traditionally, at year's end, the arts team sifts and filters through all the work from the year and spend a few days carefully pinning and taping work to walls and panels, filling the Tiernan Room and Ordway Art Gallery with over 300 pieces of artwork representing every art class. It is a sight to behold: the variety, depth, craft, and visual voice that these boys express is special and unique, the art work is bold and thoughtful, reflective and powerful. Although this year we cannot have this magnificent exhibit in person, we want to share the work in an online format and hope you take the time to move through the slide show. With gratitude to our Visual Arts Team and all the boys who create.

A Sampling of AOF Arts in 2020:

To spend more time with the images featured in the above video, view our gallery here.

Samples from Digital Media: