Help Us Make Old Farms Road Safe!


Help Us Make Old Farms Road Safe!

Help Us Make Old Farms Road Safe!

There is a special election in the town of Avon next Wednesday, December 14. The results of that special election will have a direct impact on the campus of Avon Old Farms School, and we are encouraging all residents of Avon to vote next week. For those who do not live in Avon, please encourage your friends and relatives to vote. 

The issue being considered is the potential relocation of Old Farms Road. The road has become a busy passage with hundreds, if not thousands, of cars traveling each day. Unfortunately, with increased volume comes increased rates of accidents, which subsequently puts our students, faculty, staff, and greater community at greater risk. 

Here are several items for folks to educate themselves with:

1) A Q+A from the town of Avon that examines important aspects of the project*.

*There has been a good deal of misinformation spread around town and via social media on this referendum. It's important that we understand the facts related to the project.

2) An article in the Hartford Courant published Nov. 28 that explores the project and presents the facts in an unbiased way.

3) An op-ed in the CT Mirror from someone in Avon that underscores the need for improvements, and addresses some of the misinformation: Roads are not museums

4) A letter from Head of School Jim Detora to alumni and parents who reside in Avon which encourages them to vote in favor of this referendum.