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National Council Update: Fall 2018
Jacqueline Keller

National Council Update

A very enthusiastic group of alumni and past parent members of our National Council gathered this month over Homecoming Weekend 2018 for their fall meeting. The fall and spring meetings of the Council give members the opportunity to get back on campus and be brought up-to-date with all the latest campus news and activities.

The National Council received their bi-annual "state of the school" update by the Headmaster.  The highlight of this meeting’s report being the announcement of Jim Detora as the next Headmaster. Detora is no stranger to the Council as he has worked closely with this group during his tenure as Director of Development and External Affairs. The National Council have been and will continue to be strong supporters of the school during the leadership transition.  

Members are committed to continue to live up to their stated mission: "As committed volunteers, National Council members shall act as informed ambassadors for Avon, attend meetings and serve on Committees, execute projects to strengthen the school and provide financial support at a level signifying Avon as a philanthropic priority."

This weekend was the perfect blend of meetings and on-campus activities. The fall meeting was moved from its usual first weekend of November to the second weekend of November to coincide with Homecoming 2018. Members experienced their first meal in the newly renovated and refurbished Servery and Refectory. They were also able to tour the renovated Hockey Rink.  And as an extra bonus, they participated in Saturday’s Homecoming 2018 activities that took them in many directions - the new Nimrod Cabin, the Fall Musical - Guys and Dolls, down to the cross country course to see the New England Championship meet and the perfect end of the day’s activities as Avon took on Salisbury under the lights for the final football game of the season. Many of the hearty souls joined the boys for brunch on Sunday!

This might go down as one of the most active National Council meetings in quite awhile. The members will all head home to spread the news about all our students and faculty are doing to make this the best school for boys.

As a group, the National Council has always had a focus on alumni engagement. Their efforts have been instrumental in bringing to reality many features now a standard part of our campus and our online presence such as the Avon alumni directory, our mentor program, career networking, and our online archive of yearbooks and the in memoriam page of the alumni section of the website. In their role as informed ambassadors, members have also been very active in revitalizing our Class Ambassador (formerly known as Class Agents) Program.

What does success look like for our National Council? Success will be when our alumni, in ever-increasing numbers, carry with them the "Avon Army" enthusiasm and energy to all whom they share the story about being a member of the Brotherhood. How can you support their mission? Stay in touch and stay involved!