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The Brotherhood Endures

Dear Avonians,

Today, after I closed out of a virtual meeting, I looked out my window from the Admission Office as a light rain fell on the campus of Avon Old Farms. On what has been a nearly empty campus for weeks, it seemed to match my mood until a student entered my field of view.

He walked out of the quad, around the Village Green, past the Refectory and the Headmaster’s Office, and ascended the steps to the fireplace on the outside of the Brown Student Center. As he looked at the fireplace, he glanced over his shoulder, mentally taking a snapshot of the moment. He took three steps to his right, reached out his arms, grabbed hold of the rope next to the chimney… and rang the victory bell.  

As an alumnus, you have undoubtedly heard the ringing of the victory bell. It is a sound of victory, of celebration. Today, that victory bell reminded me that no matter what obstacles are laid before us, that above all else, the brotherhood endures.

As you are most likely aware by now, Headmaster Jim Detora made the difficult decision to close campus for the remainder of this semester. In his email to alumni on March 18th that explained the decision, Jim also called for words of encouragement from our Brotherhood to share with our current students, and the responses have been inspiring. (If you’d like to, you can still submit!) There were also numerous alumni and parents who have reached out to commend the decision to move to a virtual spring semester and to ask: “How can we help?”

The answer to the question quite simply and candidly is: please continue to support Avon Old Farms. This is enrollment season for Avon. Please share your experience with families that are considering sending their son to AOF. Tell your story of life in Mrs. Riddle’s Village with friends and colleagues. Stay connected with your brothers. And, if you have the capacity to donate, then please, continue to support our fundraising efforts so that we can continue doing what we have always done: be the best school for boys in the country.

Please join me and the rest of Avon Old Farms School in taking this opportunity to live our motto ‘aspire and persevere.’ Rise up. Fly the banner. Help us keep the victory bell ringing. Avon Old Farms School and its community needs you now more than ever before.


Aspirando et Perseverando,

Chris Webb
Director of Institutional Advancement
Avon Old Farms School