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Avon Old Farms School Shares the Passing of Former Headmaster George Trautman
Dear Avon Community,
It is with great sadness that we announce the loss of our former headmaster and friend, George M. Trautman. George arrived at Avon in 1969 and served as headmaster for 29 years. Following retirement, he continued to be an advocate for Avon, working tirelessly with friends and donors to the school as well as serving as an emeritus member of our board. At every turn, he insisted at making us better.
George hired me in the fall of 1993. As a young faculty member, I was shaped by his culture of resilience and loyalty. His ability to see through seemingly insurmountable obstacles was contagious and this “can do, will do” spirit rubbed off on everyone around him. His loyalty to Avon, and its students and faculty, was unwavering.
The foundation upon which Avon Old Farms stands today has much to do with the standards that George established. He valued structure and integrity. He was a polite gentleman and expected everyone, students and faculty, to follow suit.
George held firm in tradition without apology and we still find strength in that example. But most important to George were relationships and his genuine connections with each of us. Anyone who has been involved with Avon knows that the relationships forged here continue throughout life. He will be missed but he is ever present in the campus, life, and values that we will continue to share with the generations who follow.
Aspirando et perseverando,
Jim Detora P'12
Head of School