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Araceli Bartkiewicz

Araceli Bartkiewicz

Spanish Faculty
B.S., University of Madrid

Ari was born and raised in Spain where she lived until the age of 26. After meeting her future husband Drew in Madrid, they lived in France, Austria, and Italy before moving back to the US and settling in Canton, CT. This would be her home for the next 20 years raising two sons, Blake, Dane, and a daughter Ana. They are all bilingual, including her husband Drew who also speaks French and Italian.

She always had a passion for sharing her gifts and the culture of her native country with the world. She can do that now with the young minds of boys who are eager to learn Spanish and learn about the world in general. She is also the co-founder of the Multilanguage messaging platform “letters” for the lasting words between people.

She loves to travel, cook, and share her time with family and friends. Visiting her family in Spain every summer is special to her and always looks forward to returning home.