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Daniel Hodgson

Daniel Hodgson

English Teacher
B.A., Kenyon College
M.S.Ed., Virginia Polytechnic Institution

About Mr. Hodgson

I am a Connecticotian by birth, growing up in Fairfield and graduating from Fairfield High School. And I am likewise a logophile (a lover of words) by birth, studying English literature at Kenyon College and spending most of my free time with a book. Although now that I have a young son (and wonderful wife), the book in my hands has a few more pictures.

What experience led you to Avon Old Farms School?

I have been a teacher and coach for the past fourteen years, although not always at the same time. I spent my first seven post-college years coaching college baseball with stops at Kenyon College, Georgia College and State University, and The George Washington University. I was a hitting coach and recruiting coordinator during my coaching career. But wanting to teach how to write declarative sentences more than how to properly lay down sacrifice bunts, I jumped from the dugout to the English classroom, beginning my teaching career at Woodbridge Senior High School in Prince William County, VA. After four great years at Woodbridge where I also had the privilege to be a fellow and teaching consultant for the Northern Virginia Writing Project, I leapt at the chance to move my family back to Connecticut and to come teach and coach at Avon Old Farms.

Why do you teach at Avon Old Farms School?

Helping young men in as noble and grandiose an adventure as “the pursuit of truth” is a great way to spend the day. Although some might consider such a mission as quixotic, I have no problem chasing windmills if those windmills represent “integrity,” “wisdom,” “justice,” and “inclusion.” And I appreciate teaching in a community that puts value in and action to those words. Everyday I live Avon’s mission by trying to start conversations between my students and great authors and big ideas, hoping that these conversations will help them in their pursuits of truth and will last well past their time in Old Farms.