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Jack Sanford

Jack Sanford

Science Faculty
B.S., Old Dominion University
M.S., University of New Hampshire
Ph.D., Tufts University Medical School

About Dr. Sanford

Living in upstate New York for most of my childhood where dairy farms populate the countryside, I spent summer days baling hay and tending to cows just for the fun of it. I graduated from Gloversville High School, and went south to college on a baseball scholarship. Since the curve ball was my nemesis, I had more success as a walk-on for Old Dominion University’s soccer team. With a biology degree, I thought to be a veterinarian, but found biological research more exciting, and I have been doing it ever since, first in the laboratory, and now in modified form in the classroom. 

I love climbing mountains and exploring nature in exotic places: walking up Cotopaxi in Ecuador and fishing in the Amazon River are tough to top.

What experience led you to Avon Old Farms School?

My experience in the field of biological research and the combined 22 years of teaching at The Derryfield School, a prestigious private day school in New Hampshire, and at TASIS England, one of the top American International boarding schools in the UK, have given me the tools and the experience needed for successful science education where ever I may be, but especially here at Avon. I have led several student trips incorporating science and community service to places like Ecuador and Peru, and also through Habitat for Humanity to North Carolina and West Virginia. I am hopeful to do these types of trips with Avon boys.

Why do you teach at Avon Old Farms School?

I belong to a select group of professionals who are energized to guide young people in building their knowledge and setting examples of how to manage life’s challenges. I choose to work with the student population at Avon Old Farms School: to promote good decisions and to discover that all problems can be resolved, and am proud to be working alongside Avon teachers who successfully do this everyday.