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Kristen Kerwin

Kristen Kerwin

Associate Director of Marketing and Communications
B.S., King University

About Ms. Kerwin

I have had the pleasure of living in various pockets of New England for the past 20 years but am a native of Rochester, NY. I live with my all-boy family, including: two sons in high school; a son in middle school; and a Nigerian host-son in college. When I'm not cheering for a Kerwin son in the soccer, basketball, or baseball stands, I can be found recuperating in front of an easel with a paintbrush in hand.

What experience led you to Avon Old Farms School?

I have worked in the Marketing and Communications field at several New England private schools for five years prior to landing at Avon Old Farms. I enjoy using my creative spark to communicate effectively in a format that is aesthetically pleasing.  

Why do you work at Avon Old Farms School?

During my brief tenure at The Fenn School, I witnessed the power of a an all-boys academic environment. Teachers at an all-boys school understand that boys are relational learners and that boys need the space to explore and learn in non-conventional ways. As a mother of four(ish) boys, I have seen how a boy can grow and expand with the foundation of the core values of Brotherhood, Scholarship, Integrity, and Sportsmanship that Avon Old Farms School upholds.