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Robert Dowling

Robert Dowling

Provost, History Faculty, Head Coach, Varsity Baseball
B.A., Trinity College
M.A., Central Connecticut State University

About Mr. Dowling

I grew up in Holyoke, MA which was not only a fun place to live, but also where I met my wife, Amy. We have two children and have called Avon Old Farms home since 2000. I was first introduced to the school as a high school junior. I previously attended a large public school, and enjoyed a transforming experience as a student here at Avon Old Farms. As a student, I realized Avon was a special place, filled with unique people who were making a powerful difference in the lives of students. 

After graduating from Avon in 1991, I attended Trinity College. While in college I majored in history, contributed to several community-oriented programs, and participated in athletics. I also attended the London School of Economics and have a master's degree in history. 

What experience led you to Avon Old Farms School?

During my senior year in college, I committed to becoming an educator. While I admired teachers from all of my schooling, I was inspired by my experience at Avon Old Farms as a student. The boarding school practice offers a particularly meaningful opportunity to influence young people in a positive way. I admired the lifestyle and people I met at Avon, and was fortunate when George Trautman hired me as a teacher in 1995. 

Since 1995 I have had several different responsibilities at school in addition to teaching, including serving the school in the development office, as an academic dean, as the dean of faculty, and currently as the provost. In addition to the academic roles, I also ran a dormitory, a duty crew, and several community oriented clubs for years. While I have coaching experience in football and basketball, I have been particularly focused on the Avon Old Farms varsity baseball program since 1996.

Why do you teach at Avon Old Farms School?

Avon's mission is important to me because of the comprehensive impact our school can have on young men. I experienced the power of the Avon experience personally a long time ago, and am committed to helping others find the promise the mission hopes to inspire. When a student enrolls with us at Avon, he is filled with so much potential; it is our job to help that young man be the best version of himself. It's an important time in their lives, and it is a privilege for me to be part of their story.