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Katherine Doemland

Katherine Doemland

English Faculty

Kate Doemland joined the Avon Old Farms School community in the fall of 2020 after teaching at our neighboring Miss Porter’s School for 24 years. Kate came to AOF for the opportunity to work in another single-sex school and engage in a living and learning community focusing on boys as they explore, investigate, interrogate, and navigate their path to adulthood. 

At Porter’s, she taught English and chaired the department for ten years, served as a House Director, coached cross country, lacrosse, tennis, and skiing. She also served as the faculty advisor to the school newspaper and the literary journal. Kate’s passion for literature, poetry, and working with students and families was celebrated by the Class of 2020 as they dedicated their commencement exercises to her. 

Given her experience as a teacher and student of literature, Kate’s life and practice is guided by a few poetic principles.

“I live by a few quotes that feel like lifelines to me. I rely on these quotes when I walk into my classroom each day. The first is by the Sufi mystic poet, Rumi: ‘Let the beauty we love be what we do.’ And that speaks to me because if we don’t love what we do, how can we be effective in our teaching and communicating our love of teaching to our students? The second quote is also from Rumi: ‘Be with those who help your being.’ My students help my being; my colleagues help my being. My family helps my being. Lastly: this is from Robert Frost’s poem, “Hyla Brook,” which I recommend for its elegance, clarity, and imagery--as well as what it suggests to me in the cycle of a teaching life. His final line in this deceptively simple poem is this: ‘We love the things we love for what they are.’ How can this experience be otherwise?”

Kate loves being in the classroom and working with students for their energy and humor. 

“They keep me on my toes and they remind me always that our first responsibility to one another--both here and in the larger world—is to be kind and good to each other; to treat all with the dignity and respect they deserve, and that learning never stops. We are all students of the world.” 

Kate lives in Farmington and has four children and two needy dogs. The children are not needy. 

Fun Facts:

  • Kate is a huge fan of almost all types and genres of music. (Lately I’m on a Johnny Cash and The Highwaymen kick in addition to the greatest operatic arias. GOAT is The Boss.)
  • She likes to be outdoors and loves to ski. She’s working to get more comfortable skiing in the trees.