Tutoring Services

Avon Old Farms offers tutoring sessions for students that desire extra help. Our tutors are qualified educators and come alongside the students to bring them to the next level of learning. The cost of tutoring sessions are:

  • 4 sessions—$320 
  • 8 sessions—$640 
  • 12 sessions—$960 

Tutoring sessions are 50 minutes and will be held during your son’s free period, enrichment period and/or weekends. If your son is absent or tardy from the session without sufficient notification of 24 hours, it is still considered one complete tutoring session. By signing the agreement you are aware that if your son is absent or tardy for a session that it will be considered a completed session. You understand that if an absent or tardy session occurs, the Director of the Learning Center will make every effort to reschedule, time-permitting, but is under no obligation to do so.