Teaching more than science

The Science Department faculty teach boys life-long lessons through science courses that inspire a fundamental curiosity about the natural world.

The Science Department offers courses in traditional lab sciences as well as engineering. With emphasis on designing hands-on, collaborative classroom activities to promote problem-solving through formal systems analysis, the science faculty embrace the power of relational learning - a positive partnership between teachers and students.


Meet the Department Head

Our academic program is designed to be student centered and to instill a curiosity in learning across the disciplines.

Avon is Where I...

In science class, I’ve learned how to solve problems and to think critically, especially in forensics, which is really just the study of solving problems!”

- Patrick Dallahan ’23

Unique Experiences

Environmental Club

One of the more active student clubs on campus is the Environmental Club. Club members educate the community at various morning meetings about the science behind environmental issues and advocate for sustainability to be part of an Avonian’s daily life. Over the years this club has introduced reusable shopping bags, water bottles, water-filling stations, recycling programs, and energy-reduction challenges, just to name a few of their initiatives. Advised by Sustainability Director Katy Perry, this student club makes a difference.

Advanced Independent Project

Students have used the Advanced Independent Project program to pursue their specialized interests in sciences as their afternoon activity. Recently, two students conducted a study of pollination on campus by performing genetic sequencing on various flora based on pollen samples collected from bees. Another AIP involved a student constructing and programming his own computer.

Science Enrichment Hour

All Avon Old Farms science students are familiar with the lab report since lab work is central to the kind of active learning that takes place in the science classroom. Enrichment hour serves as a time for students to pay extra attention to their lab reports. Whether reviewing data to ensure its accuracy or double-checking a draft for formatting and completeness, the additional time spent with the teacher and often other students on the important details of the lab report results in better quality.