Virtual Art Exhibit

Andres Jaramillo '16, pen on paper
Andrew Jung '17, digital print
Arden Coleman '17, digital print
Bhakapol Bhakdibhumi '19, watercolor
Burapol Bhakdibhumi '18, silver print
Cam Andrews '20, digital print
Cole Kammler '17, clay, paint, bulb
Cole Kammler '17, paper
Cole Kammler '17, plaster, paint, mixed media
Donghee Kim '16, marker and pen on paper
Donghee Kim '16, oil paint on board
Donghee Kim '16, pastel and collage on paper
Donghee Kim '16, pen and mixed media on board
Graham Deckers '20, clay and paint
Graham Deckers '20, clay
Graham Deckers '20, oil paint, gold leaf
Graham Deckers '20, paint on clayboard
Jaesang Lim '20, pastel pencil on paper
Jiuhua Chen '15, paper and board
Jiuhua Chen '15, white charcoal on paper
Joe Stallmeyer '17, foam core
Joe Stallmeyer '17, nails and wood
Joe Stallmeyer '17, wood, paper, string
Justin Cho '15, charcoal pencil on paper
Kurt Link '16, silver and digital print
Kurt Linke '16, digital print
Kurt Linke '16, silver and digital print
Liam Gilbert '15, wood
Liam Gilbert '15, wood(1)
Luke O_Connor '16, digital print 1
Luke O_Connor '16, digital print 2
Luke O_Connor '16, digital print 3
Mark Michaud '16, pencil and marker on paper
Matthew Jensen '19, digital print
Max Rieser '16, paper
Max Rieser '16, pastel and paper collage on paper
Max Rieser '16, pen and marker on paper
Max Rieser '16, pen on board
Nick Birnie '14, pencil on paper
Nick Birnie '14, spray paint on board
Peiqi Liu '19, white charcoal on paper
Pengyu Si '19, oil paint
Pengyu Si '19, pen on paper
Peter Sigward '16, wood lamp
Ran Tao '16, acrylic and spray paint on board
Will Farnam '18, paint on canvas
Will Fellows '17, pastel pencil on paper
Xavier Vega '17, acrylic, pastel on canvas
Young Jun Song '16, pastel pencil on board
TJ Brooks '17, silver print
TJ Shaw '18, digital print
Vince Caputo '16, plaster, paint, paper, wood
Vincent Caputo '16, paper