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The Business of Sports

This course will examine the many different aspects of sports as a business. As a multi-billion dollar industry, this course seeks to profile several of the many ways sports is utilized as a business venture. Students will be introduced to market forces, public relations, concessions, sales, sponsorships, and other aspects of sports as business. Secondary themes will include player salaries and the current business relationship between players, agents, and owners. The lead instructor for this will be Bill Dowling. He is the former VP of the New York Yankees, and the former General Manager of the New Britain RockCats. Bill also has experience as a player agent and contract negotiator for the owners. His experience on the business side of sports is extensive. This program will also invite sports professionals in as guest speakers. Guests include professionals from the world of media, memorabilia, executives, former athletes, talent evaluators, and player agents. This intersession course will offer a broad, yet personal, introduction to the many aspects of business related to sports.

Faculty: Mr. Dowling, Mr. Bill Dowling

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