David C. Bigelow '44 Learning Center

The David C. Bigelow '44 Learning Center is FREE and is open to ALL students.

Approximately 25% of Avon students take advantage of the Learning Center’s resources at a variety of different levels. The David C. Bigelow '44 Learning Center is a supportive environment where our academic coaches strategically come alongside students in their educational endeavors. The inviting space is available throughout the day for students to complete their academic course work, learn study and organization skills, and enhance test-taking strategies.

Our proven methodology—along with the solid relationships formed with the students—results in boys who gain an understanding of their own unique learning styles. Equipped with a new confidence and the right tools, these students are empowered to become independent life-long learners.

The Learning Center also coordinates classroom accommodations and the scheduling of both peer and professional tutors. The Learning Center is offered at no additional cost and attracts and works with a wide range of students seeking academic support. While much of our focus is helping students to address particular learning issues, we do have students who utilize the Learning Center to assist them with a particularly challenging assignment.

Meet the Academic Coaches

Brett in Biology Class Lab

"The learning center helped me so much throughout my freshmen year. Mrs. Jensen is a great resource—she has helped me with papers and class situations." - Brett Newman '21

A Place of Brotherhood

“The Learning Center is more than just a place to get work done or receive extra help with strategizing for upcoming assignments. It is a place on campus that fosters friendships and enhances the brotherhood between students.” - Max Miller '19, Warden

Academic Coaching at its Best

Our team of nurturing educators can help a student:

  • Manage his time well
  • Nail down a healthy sleep routine
  • Enhance his reading rate and comprehension
  • Take better notes
  • Improve his memory recall
  • Strategize how best to work with learning differences
  • Discover what motivates him
  • Manage his stress and anxiety
  • Utilize tools to combat procrastination
  • Procure excellent study habits
  • Access available campus resources
  • And more!

A Place to Discover Individual Learning Tools

Our academic coaches will work side-by-side with students to unlock their ability to excel using a little bit of grit ...and a whole lot of expertise. With guidance, students will tap into their own innate toolbox of learning styles and be able to recall and use that reference for their entire life. 

Meet the Learning Center Team

Please contact the Learning Center for information about the evaluation process required in order to diagnose a student with a learning disability.

Samantha Jensen

Samantha Jensen

Titles: Director of the Learning Center
James Reece

James Reece

Titles: Associate Director of the Learning Center
Phone Numbers:
School: 860-404-4286
Elizabeth Steber

Elizabeth Steber

Titles: Learning Center Specialist