David C. Bigelow '44 Learning Center

Dear Parents,

The mission of the Learning Center is to guide students in the process of acquiring the skills needed to meet the demands of our college-preparatory curriculum. Our goal is to help provide scholars with the tools and confidence to become independent life-long learners. The Learning Center is offered at no additional cost and attracts and works with a wide range of students seeking academic support. While much of our focus is helping students to address particular learning issues, we do have some boys who utilize the Learning Center to assist them with a particularly challenging assignment.

The Learning Center is also the location for Avon’s peer and professional tutoring services. If you are interested in having your son attend the Learning Center, or if your son attended the Learning Center last year, please contact me at your earliest convenience. I would like to have an individual conversation with you so that we can prepare effectively for the coming academic year.

Also, if your son is eligible for extended time on classroom evaluations, please send me the appropriate documentation. For information concerning extended time on standardized testing (PSAT, SAT, ACT), please notify the registrar, Marie Delnicki, prior to June 30, 2017. Mrs. Delnicki can be reached at 860-404-4285.

Please be encouraged to contact me if I can help answer any questions or address any concerns. I am looking forward to the school year starting in September! Sincerely,


Samantha Jensen
Director of the Learning Center

The David C. Bigelow '44 Learning Center

Learning Center

The David C. Bigelow '44 Learning Center

The David C. Bigelow '44 Learning Center serves to provide a supportive environment to help all boys complete their academic course work, in addition to coaching students on time management, organization, study skills, and test-taking strategies. Students are scheduled to attend the Learning Center during their free periods. Approximately 25% of Avon students take advantage of the Learning Center’s resources at a variety of different levels. The Learning Center strives to help boys understand their unique learning styles, and develop the academic skills and confidence needed to be independent learners. The Learning Center at Avon Old Farms also coordinates classroom accommodations and the scheduling of both peer and professional tutors.


Accommodations at Avon Old Farms School

Avon Old Farms School offers a structured learning environment for students. While Avon enthusiastically makes available a variety of supportive resources for students, it is not a special needs school and is not equipped to provide individualized educational programs for students with severe physical, cognitive, or mental disabilities. The School does comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act and is willing to implement or make reasonable accommodations to its practices, policies, and procedures in order to meet the needs of students with documented learning or behavioral disabilities. However, accommodations must be reasonable and must NOT fundamentally alter the academic program at Avon Old Farms School. All students, regardless of disability, will be held to the School’s standards for academic achievement and personal conduct.

Accommodations May Include:

  • Extended time (50%) for quizzes, tests and exams
  • Use of laptop/computers & calculators on tests and exams
  • Reduced distraction/quiet setting room for midterm and final exams
  • Audio Textbooks (RFB&D)
  • Teacher provides students with a copy of notes & power-point presentations
  • Assistance with time management, organization, study skills strategies
  • Maximum of four periods in the Learning Center each week

Accommodations May Not Include:

  • Quizzes, tests and exams without time limits
  • Alternatives to exams
  • Remedial work
  • Waiving foreign language requirement
  • Reduction of number or length of assignments or courses
  • Other accommodations that fundamentally alter the academic program

The Faculty at Avon Old Farms School supports students in the use of accommodations as long as they advocate for themselves. Securing accommodations at Avon is a student-driven endeavor.

The application process for accommodations:

Submit all documentation of a disability to the Director of the Learning Center by August 1st. Documentation must include a current psycho-educational evaluation (administered in the past three years) and be in accordance with those guidelines issued by the Educational Testing Service (ETS).

The academic deans, learning center directors, and school psychologist will consult on all requests for accommodation.

If the request for accommodations is approved, the Learning Center, with appropriate consent, will inform individual teachers of a student’s disability and the accommodations that have been authorized and approved.

There is a separate process to apply for accommodations on all standardized testing, such as the SAT/ACT. A documented disability does NOT ensure accommodations on standardized testing. Refer to the College Board Website or contact Marie Delnicki,, for additional information.

Meet the Learning Center Team

Please contact the Learning Center for information about the evaluation process required in order to diagnose a student with a learning disability.

Samantha Jensen

Samantha Jensen

Titles: Director of the Learning Center
Phone Numbers:
School: 860-404-4142
Christine Coz

Christine Coz

Titles: Learning Center Specialist
Phone Numbers:
School: 860-404-4144
James Reece

James Reece

Titles: Associate Director of the Learning Center
Phone Numbers:
School: 860-404-4286