STEAM at Avon Old Farms

Science, TECHNOLOGY, Engineering, ARts, and Math AT AVON OLD FARMS SCHOOL

As hands-on learners, boys respond well to technology when it comes to learning not only science, engineering, and math, but also digital arts, robotics, and 3-D design.

In addition to specialized, technology-centered courses in the curriculum, Avon Old Farms boasts several state-of-the-art computer labs on campus loaded with special design and engineering software.

As a college preparatory school, Avon Old Farms is committed to providing students with opportunities in and out of the classroom to develop the technological skills necessary to meet the challenges of higher education and the world beyond.

Course Progression

Many students enroll in STEAM courses according to their level of interest and ability. Avon offers classes from introductory to advanced. A possible progression might be:

  • 9th: Introduction to Engineering Design
  • 10th: Introduction to Computer Science
  • 11th: Aerospace Engineering or Principles of Engineering or Mobile App Design or AP Computer Science A
  • 12th: Same as 11th or Engineering Design and Development (Capstone Project)

3-D CAD Design

Recent advances in the technology of computers and software have made using Computer-Aided Design central to the art of architecture and engineering. Students interested in learning more about this field have an opportunity to work on drafting and design at Avon with engineering teachers.

Computer Programming

Students enrolled in Computer Programming at Avon learn the basic components and operations of computers, how to create web and desktop applications and have an understanding of ethical issues surrounding computers in the modern world. AP Computer Programming focuses primarily on object-oriented programming in Java. 


In our robotics program, students with varying interests collaborate to create a final structure: from sketching designs, to creating parts on a 3-D printer, to programming the robot for competition.


Students work both individually and in teams to design solutions to a variety of problems using 3-D modeling software by following the standards of an engineering design process.

Field Trips

Each year, students in a variety of S.T.E.M. courses at Avon are able to tour local labs, including Kaman Industries, TRUMPF, Pratt & Whitney and the Morris Group, Inc.

Digital Design

Students study the fundamental principles of design through experimentation and invention. The artistic side of technology is utilized through photography and manipulation of vector artwork.

Aerospace Engineering

This course propels students’ learning in the fundamentals of atmospheric and space flight. As they explore the physics of flight, students bring the concepts to life by designing an airfoil, propulsion system, and rockets. They learn basic orbital mechanics using industry-standard software. They also explore robot systems through projects such as remotely operated vehicles.

Digital Media and Production

As an elective in fine arts course, students use film software (Adobe Premier, iMovie, Final Cut) to create digital video, social media, and multimedia presentations. Students receive hands-on experience in writing, filming, editing, and producing various projects while learning the fundamental aspects of visual storytelling.

Afternoon Independent Project Program

The Afternoon Independent Project Program is for students that show exceptional skill in a niche area such as photography, video, art, writing, or engineering. Students are placed under the expertise of professionals both on and off campus to learn how to expand in their own gifts and desires to excel.  Given the space to experience a trade with the guidance of trained and proven adults, students build their resume and gain invaluable experience as they seek further education in that field.

A Growing Program

"Theodate Pope Riddle’s masterful architecture means that we have a beautiful campus, but Avon’s value goes far deeper than the foundations of the buildings or the waters of Beaver Pond. In helping to build the engineering and robotics programs at Avon, I am proud to be a part of something larger than myself."