Experts in Educating Boys

Why Avon? Because there are more opportunities for a boy to excel in classes designed for maximum boy impact.

We are experts in educating boys

By leveraging relational learning, we bring material to life in a student's mind while challenging each individual to persevere in the pursuit of self-discovery. Our traditionally structured and well-balanced environment refines character traits young men need to be successful throughout their entire life. Although Men of Avon may develop new passions, our unique brotherhood that values integrity, wisdom, justice, inclusion, service, and truth lives forever.

On the field, in the classroom, and in life, Avon inspires excellence.

"Even though it's hard being so far from my son, I know that this was an opportunity we could not pass on. The classroom size and teacher-to-student ratio are just a couple of the things that attracted us to this school. I know my son will have an amazing experience and do great things. The opportunity of going to a school such as this will open many doors for him in his future endeavors."

- Heather, Parent

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Teaching boys is our expertise.

Aspirando et Perseverando

There's more opportunity.

There's more OPPORTUNITY. Life at Avon is balanced: we integrate learning, art, athletics, and service into a healthy social-emotional lifestyle.

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Avon is Expert in Educating Boys

At Avon, we go beyond academic teaching ...each boy is strategically EMPOWERED with tools to successfully navigate their present ...their future lives. Our Prep4ward program trains students with developmentally-appropriate curriculum focused on these four pillars: