Built for 40 Years, Not 4

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We Aim for Life-Long Learning

We at Avon are proud to be experts in educating boys. We know we aren’t just teaching arithmetic—we’re preparing you to become successful throughout your entire life. Through valuable programs including our R.E.A.L. Learning approach and the Prep4ward program, we will arm you with life skills. We’ll teach you empathy and honor. You’ll learn to question. You will become an Avonian.

Our Learning Center doesn’t only help with homework. Our proven methodology—along with the solid relationships formed with the students—will result in you gaining an understanding of your own unique learning style. Equipped with a new confidence and the right tools, you will be empowered to become an independent life-long learner.

Meet Our Alumni

Hear it from an Avonian...

“With two older brothers attending before me, I knew Avon focuses on developing strong moral character in its students. When it came time to navigate life on my own, Avon gave me the space and the opportunity to create my identity. I learned how to balance the many aspects of being a boarding student while becoming a campus leader. Now I am confidently prepared to face any challenge presented in college or life beyond.”

Augustus Shamburger - Atlanta, GA, Boston College

“Avon Old Farms gave me the experience of a lifetime and a network that will last forever. From moving in as a freshman and forging bonds with the other boys on my floor to meeting my best friend on the 5ths soccer team, I developed stronger friendships in my four years here than I did my entire life leading up to it. It will be heartbreaking to leave this special place, but I am comforted in knowing that I have made friendships for a lifetime.”

James Scher - Oldwick, NJ, Tulane University