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So Creative, We Haven't Defined it Yet

At Avon, the arts are more than paint on a canvas, pixels on a screen, notes in the air, or chords in the hand—our boys experience a journey of creative discovery through personal programs allowing them to explore their undiscovered talents.

Interested in digital design? You can learn from Mr. Lee, who used to work at Pixar. Want to delve into fine art? Our award-winning teacher Mr. Calibey would be happy to take you under his wing. Trying drawing for the first time? You’ll be in good hands with Ms. Pinton, 2019’s Outstanding Art Educator Award. Whether you were the best in your grade or you’ve never tried before, we promise your Avon experience will be an eye-opening one.

Cristina Pinton, Director of Visual Arts, Named CT Educator of the Year in 2019!


Dennis Catrini '20
A Sicilian Farm Worker: Silver Key

Dennis Catrini '20
Midnight: Gold Key

*This photo also won third prize in the 2019 Drexel University High School Contest.

Graham Deckers '20
Shattered Faith: Gold Key, CAEA Best in Drawing

Graham Deckers '20
Washing it Away: Gold Key, Best in Jewelry

Graham Deckers '20
Spectrum—An Autobiography in Gold: Gold Key, Hartford Art School Scholarship

Graham Deckers '20
Study in Surface Design in Vessels: Gold Key, Hartford Art School Scholarship

Eugene Kim '20
We Must Understand Them to Save Them: Silver Key, Hartford Art School Scholarship

Eugene Kim '20
Zoo 2019: Silver Key, Hartford Art School Scholarship

Eugene Kim '20
Silent Protest: Honorable Mention

Lorenzo Landini '21
Self Portrait: Silver Key

Christian Reboul '21
Sectioned Bowl: Honorable Mention

Matt Son '20
Inheritance—Three Men of the Family on a Path: Gold Key

Michael Xie '22 
A Friend in Light: Gold Key

Chris Zhang '20 
My Mother in the Living Room on Any Given Day: Gold Key

Chris Zhang '20 
Chicago—Water Park Street: Silver Key

Chris Zhang '20 
The Prelude to Adolescent Independency: Gold Key, Hartford Art School Scholarship


Hear it from an Avonian...

"If it was not for taking arts at Avon, I would not be doing what I love for the rest of my life. I am forever grateful to the Avon art department for making me the man I am today."


"Not only did I learn the basic techniques of painting, of which I had had no prior knowledge, but I was also able to have conversations with Mr. Calibey and other students to understand their perspectives, not only on arts and aesthetics but also on society and the world, which was an invaluable experience for me. In my paintings, I explored different combinations of brush strokes, colors, and visual effects. I spent at least two hours each day, working either alone or with Mr. Calibey, and toward the end of the season, I put in extra time in the evening to finish my paintings. Fortunately, the work, in my humble opinion, actually paid off.”

Pengyu Si '19