“I could have stayed at the local high school, but I wanted to be challenged—Avon Old Farms was that challenge. I participated in the drama program and gained self confidence; I played a variety of sports and gained friendships; I pushed myself in the classroom and I was accepted to my top-choice college—all thanks to Avon.”

Day Student Jack Eschert - Avon, CT, Middlebury College

We Are Experts in Educating Boys

At Avon, we teach boys—day students and boarders alike—how they learn best. With our R.E.A.L Learning System (Relational, Experiential, Active, and Lifelong) and our Prep4ward Program for leadership/health/wellness-success training, day students are equipped to THRIVE.

Typically, there are a limited amount of highly sought-after day student openings at Avon Old Farms; however, because of our new expanded fall structure, we've opened our capacity for more day students!

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The Active Classroom

students in stream looking at science tube
class outside expirement
student smiles outside in class
civil war reenactment
student and teacher learning outside
learning outside

As a result of our systematic approach to teaching the whole boy, we've mastered the active "class-outside thing" and have successfully been stretching our legs—and our MINDS—in nature's halls for decades. 

What IS the Brotherhood at Avon?

Listen to Day Student Matt Leopold '21 read Day Student James Morr '22's poetic reflections on the bonds forever-forged at Avon...

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Do day students achieve greatness at Avon?

YES! Watch Day Student Noah Matalon '20 tell his younger self what life at Avon is like...


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