Bon Appetit!

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Eat. Learn. Live.

In our beloved Refectory, we serve food that you’ll write home about. Our newly-renovated servery is full of options to please any palate, eating a filling and healthy meal is an easy choice. We start with fresh, whole ingredients and prepare our menu items from scratch at our wok, indoor grill, and rotisserie stations. Each day students also have soup, salad, and sandwich stations to choose from in addition to the hot meals. Oh. Did we mention we have a pizza oven for fresh-baked pizzas on Fridays?

The one problem is, after eating here for four years, you’ll be spoiled… we hear from young  alumni all the time that our food is better than their college’s!


Hear it from an Avonian...

“We get to have great food every day and share great experiences together in our brotherhood,  our community, and with our teachers. We have a really special opportunity here where we get to have a comfortable refectory and be able to share special moments together.”  

Michael Hernandez '20

Actual Food Served at Avon this Year!

Sustainable Nutrition

Our menu boasts wholesome food carefully crafted with the best ingredients – some of which are grown by our students!