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What does Avon Have in Store for you?


Oil painting? Law enforcement? Comedy improv?

Here, you'll have a structured schedule filled with the experiences you need to excel. You'll have opportunities to be mindful, to focus on creative ambition, or simply to explore a new medium of self-expression. Between two of our signature programs, you'll be given an opportunity to try some out-of-the-box experiences, or partner with a faculty member to create your own.

Advanced Independent Project (AIP) Program

One outlet for you to collect yourself amidst a busy schedule is the Advanced Independent Project (AIP) Program. Designed for boys who show exceptional skill in a niche area, AIP students are placed under the expertise of professionals (both on and off campus) to learn how to expand in their own gifts and desires to excel. At Avon, you can experience undeniable personal growth through the process of creating under expert guidance without the boundary of time. The tangible result is mind-blowing.

Achieve Above and Beyond


Theodate Pope Riddle, the founder of Avon Old Farms, strongly believed that students should work alongside faculty mentors to produce meaningful work. Intersession honors that tradition by offering courses that are often team-taught by faculty and staff on topics outside of the traditional curriculum, but nonetheless relevant and centered on the REAL learning model. You can choose to learn anything from fly fishing to SWAT tactics, thanks to our skilled and connected faculty and alumni.

Explore Unique Learning