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 A Place for Everyone; Everyone has a Place


At Avon, you'll be met where you are by teachers, mentors, and coaches. We pride ourselves on identifying when and how to push each student so he can be his best self. On the field, you will be confident that you’re on the right team, in the right position for you to grow. In the classroom, you will be challenged to reach, but given the footholds to succeed in doing so. And, with clubs, programs, and activities filling each day, we are confident that when you try something new, you’ll discover something you love.

  • 37 varsity and sub-varsity teams across 14 competitive sports
  • 50+ clubs and activities
  • 14 non-competitive options
  • 6 theater productions per year
  • 6 concert performances per year
  • Standard, Honors, and AP courses in all subjects
  • Dorm structure
  • Big Brother program
  • Leadership Positions

Hear it from an Avonian...

“At boarding school, you learn how to be independent. You’re the one getting yourself out of bed, getting to class, doing your work, and studying for tests. But at Avon, it’s also about making lifelong friends, working hard in the classroom and on the field, and having an open mind and trying new things. It can be quite the transition in the beginning, but I know I am better prepared for my college years because of it.”

Amir Thomas - Southampton, Bermuda, Bates College

“I chose to attend Avon because of its beauty and its grit. I did well in grade school, but wanted to be better. I worked hard and really began to grind through my years here. I took advantage of every new opportunity, from upper level math and engineering courses to community service clubs. I learned the importance of time management and going the extra mile. When my dream of attending West Point became a reality, I knew I had Avon to thank.”

Walter Cesarski - Ridgefield, CT, United States Military Academy West Point

“I put my heart into Avon, and it has given me so much in return. As an admission ambassador, that’s what I wanted future Avonians to know: it’s hard work, but it’s the most rewarding experience if you apply yourself and are willing to try new things. The faculty know I am always hungry for knowledge, and they find a way to challenge me each day. It’s something uniquely Avon that I am indebted to for encouraging me to grow.”

Saagar Motupally - Avon, CT, Yale University



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