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Congratulations Parents and Families!

Welcome to the storied lineage of Avon.

Mission Statement: We strive to be the best college preparatory school for boys by cultivating young men of integrity, who honor wisdom, justice, inclusion, service, and the pursuit of truth.Your son—your entire family— has worked hard to achieve this milestone. Your son has the opportunity to be grafted into our renowned brotherhoodyou are welcomed to be involved, be informed, and be heard. As vital members of the distinctive heritage conceptualized by our founder, Theodate Pope Riddle, and advanced by our innovate and thoughtful faculty, you play a key role in the advancement of our mission. 

Your son will be inspired in his home at Avon Old Farms... read for yourself:

"A largely self-contained campus, visitors are almost always struck by the community's emphasis on nature and the co-mingling of the academic experience within a natural setting. This perspective harkens back to Riddle's own intention to create a school 'where students live and learn amongst nature.'" - Taylor Smith, Princeton Magazine

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Parent and Family FAQs

How do I know what is going on at Avon?

Type of Communication How When
2 Week Rundown: A quick-grab overview of important information that is happening at the School. You may access previous versions on the Parents Page. Email Every two weeks
News, Calendar, and Athletic Feeds: Sign up for email or text alerts and calendar feeds via our website. Website Ongoing
Parents Page Announcements: Sign up to receive email or text alerts for important news. You can also bookmark the Parents Page on your mobile device! Website Ongoing
Academic Information: You may access the student portal at any time. Academic deans and/or advisors will communicate to you via email as needed. Portal; Email Ongoing
Student Outreach Events: Subscribe to the calendar feed on the Avon Outreach website page. Website Ongoing
Social Media: We post engaging stories and photos on our social media channels almost daily! Facebook

Can I have the insiders guide to Avon lingo?

Dress Code

Vespers Dress

  • gray slacks
  • navy blue blazer with the Avon Old Farms patch
  • pressed white shirt
  • school tie
  • dress socks
  • shined black shoes

Vespers Dress is worn by students on Sunday evenings during Vespers Service in the chapel. On occasion, students will be required to wear Vespers Dress during the day to class. Students who participate in admissions service, chorale, honors chorale, or Riddlers are required to wear Vespers Dress during concerts or events.

Classroom Dress

  • dress pants or shorts (shorts may be worn certain times of the year based on the the decision of school leadership)
  • blazer
  • button down long sleeved collared shirt
  • tie
  • socks
  • dress shoes
Classroom Dress is the normal dress code at Avon Old Farms. Classroom Dress is worn during the school day, at sit-down dinners, and during morning meeting or chapel.

Smart Casual Dress

  • dress pants or shorts (shorts may be worn certain times of the year based on the the decision of school leadership)
  • button down long sleeved collared shirt
  • socks
  • dress shoes


Smart Casual Dress is the dress-down of Avon Old Farms. Smart Casual Dress is only worn during buffet meals and certain school functions.


Morning Meeting

Students and faculty gather together before the school day to give and receive information and for a brief inspirational message from school leadership.


On Tuesdays and Thursdays, Morning Meeting is held in the chapel for the majority of students. During this meeting, either a student or faculty member will give an inspirational story relevant to his or her life.


Vespers Service: On Sunday evenings, Vespers service is held in the chapel for boarding students. Students listen to an inspirational message from a non-religious standpoint.


Enrichment is one of the unique academic advantages Avon Old Farms provides students. After dinner from 6:45 - 7:45 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, teachers are available in their offices to answer questions and give students extra help. In order to balance student and teacher availability, Monday and Wednesday nights are reserved for the teachers in the Science and English departments and Tuesday and Thursday are reserved for History and Mathematics.


Boars Head

Boars Head is our annual holiday celebration that includes a scripted, interactive play and a sit-down feast.


Intersession begins after students come back from winter break and involves students taking classes that are atypical to regular school-year classes. Intersession lasts a week and a half and has courses ranging from fly fishing to building the perfect March Madness bracket. Students often take field trips pertaining to their course.



Learn More About Intersession

Headmaster and Founder's Day

Headmaster Day is a spontaneous day off from class twice a year given by the Headmaster. The date of the holiday is unknown to the students and faculty until morning meeting on the day when the headmaster reveals a red tie at the end of the meeting. Similarly, the date of Founders Day is also unknown to the student body and is spontaneously initiated by the Headmaster. However, on Founders Day, students are required to stay on campus and enjoy the beauty that Avon Old Farms has to offer. The Founders Day tradition was written in the deed of trust by our founder, Theodate Pope Riddle.


Visit the different categories of this interactive map for the names of the buildings and points of interest on campus.

I have a question, who do I contact?

Faculty and Staff

Quick Contacts

Academic Questions Contact Information
College CounselingJonathan Crocker
Director of College Counseling

Course Selections: Grades 9-10Rob Whitty
Academic Dean

  • Course Selections: Grades 11, 12, and PG
  • Language Placement
Graham Callaghan
Academic Dean

Where do I find the calendar for next year?

You can find our academic calendar on our website at any time under the About Us tab. Additionally, a printable version of the 2019-2020 calendar will be available to download shortly; however, the print version is subject to change, so check the online calendar regularly.

Boarding School FAQs

Is it true there is little to no free time each day for my student to relax and just hang out with their friends?

Each school is unique, and while most weekdays are fairly structured, there is typically an hour or two of free time each evening. Some schools have Saturday morning classes. But there are many opportunities and events in dorms and classes as well for students to just be teenagers and relax among friends.

As a parent, will I have the opportunity to be involved with my child’s education and community, even if they are far away?

Absolutely. Each school has different programs for parental involvement and interaction, but all schools recognize the critical role that parents play in their child’s development during their school years. There are typically many opportunities to visit campus and catch up with your student. While some schools do have policies against cell phone and social media usage, we find that those students quickly adapt to a new schedule full of interesting activities and rarely miss their devices.

What channels of communication exist at boarding schools if my child needs to speak with someone confidentially about an issue with a teacher or fellow student?

Avon has a full-time school psychologist on campus to meet the needs of all students on a confidential basis. Additionally, Avon offers a wide network of other resources ranging from faculty leadership, student advisers, dorm parents, peer-led honor councils and off-site counselors that are willing and able to help a student in need, anytime, regardless of topic.

Will boarding school prepare my child for real life – to face challenges and have a successful career?

Our research shows that boarding school alumni succeed at a higher rate than their public- or private-school peers. In addition, the resiliency that boarding school students build is directly tied to their ability to learn independent living skills and how to be an advocate for themselves.

Do all students who go to Avon go on to attend college?

100% of Avon graduates go on to a four-year college. Avon has a robust college counseling program aimed at helping students and their families navigate the process successfully.

My son is a great kid, but hasn’t applied himself in school. I know he could be successful if he just had the right environment that would challenge and support him. What’s the advantage of an all-boys boarding school?

Risk takers by nature, boys find a new comfort level with nontraditional subjects and activities when they are encouraged to do so by trusted mentors within the safety of a close-knit community. Young men, who may not step up in the presence of girls, take on leadership roles at all-boys schools, often heading community service programs or serving as mentors to younger students. Learn more about the ways that all-boys boarding schools teach students based on the way they learn best.


Parents of Avon

Parents of Avon is the parent and family association that promotes camaraderie and a sense of community among Avon families and friends and enhance the academic, athletic, and extracurricular experiences of the Men of Avon.

2 Week Rundown Parent Newsletter

What I love about Avon...

"I love everything about Avon. Avon boys are the best, but what I love most about Avon is how my son’s advisor, teachers, and coaches all support and challenge him to be his best. That’s the difference. At Avon, I have always felt that there are so many special people genuinely caring for my son, helping him to do the most with his talents and interests and showing him new ones he did not realize he had. That’s the Avon experience."

~ Sarah Gardella, Parent, Class of 2019