Health and Dining at Avon

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YOur Health and Well-being is important

At every turn, Avon provides resources and outlets to pursue a healthy lifestyle.

Students are encouraged to visit our weight room, partake in clubs/classes devoted to taking care of your mind and body, and seek out time and space for their overall mental and physical betterment.

Flik Independent School Dining is proud to be the dining service provider at Avon Old Farms. Flik is the market leader in independent school dining and works off of the mantra Eat.Learn.Live. As Avon's provider, it is Flik's responsibility to create top-quality, nutritious meals every day. 





Health and Wellness FAQs




At Avon, we go beyond academic teaching ...each boy is strategically EMPOWERED with tools to successfully navigate their present ...their future lives. Our Prep4ward program trains students with developmentally-appropriate curriculum focused on personal growth, leadership, life skills, and health and wellness.

Explore the Prep4ward Program

Students who wish to are afforded the time to be mindful, to focus on creative ambition, or simply to explore a new medium of self-expression. One outlet for a student to collect himself amidst a busy schedule — all the while producing remarkable artwork — is the Advanced Independent Project Program

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Sustainable Nutrition

Our menu boasts wholesome food carefully crafted with the best ingredients – some of which are grown by our students!