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Academic Success: 5 Quick Tips

At Avon, we understand that boys learn differently.

"Young men benefit the most from experienced teachers who understand how the brain of an adolescent male works and how best to stimulate them in a variety of situations and settings." Art Custer, Dean of Curriculum and Instruction

We strategically position our students to excel academically both in and out of the classroom in ways they wouldn't find in a co-ed school. Follow these quick tips to get a start on achieving the most in your journey to scholarly success at Avon:

1. Utilize your advisor relationship. You will be assigned an advisor who will guide and mentor you here. You will sit with your advisor at Morning Meeting every day and also several times a week at lunch. Your advisor is there to be your personal sounding board and advocate when it comes to your grades, so ask him or her as many questions as you'd like!

2. Visit the Learning Center The Learning Center is a free resource for all students and is located in the Diogenes building. Students will encounter a supportive environment to help them complete their academic course work, in addition to coaching students on time management, organization, study skills, and test-taking strategies. Students are scheduled to attend the Learning Center during their free periods. Approximately 25% of Avon students take advantage of the Learning Center’s resources at a variety of different levels. The Learning Center strives to help boys understand their unique learning styles, and develop the academic skills and confidence needed to be independent learners and also coordinates classroom accommodations and the scheduling of both peer and professional tutors.

3. Actively engage in scheduled enrichment time. Enrichment is one of the unique academic advantages Avon Old Farms provides students. After dinner from 6:45 - 7:45 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, teachers are available in their offices to answer questions and give students extra help. 

4. Find your voice in class. With class sizes of 10-11 students, teachers have the time and space to be more flexible to answer questions during class. When students boldly participate in class with curious intention, the learning atmosphere takes on a charge that is undeniable and beneficial to every student. So, raise your hand and ask!

5. Proactively check your portal. The best way to get an edge on your assignments is to check your individual grades, teacher feedback, and work that is due. If you need help setting up access to your portal on your device, our IT Department can walk you through the steps.

We pride ourselves on our rigorous and diverse academic program at Avon Old Farms. Peruse our curriculum for more information on the varied courses we offer.

Meet Man of Avon Matt Wagner '88: Partner, Stamford’s Diserio Martin Firm; Chairman of Intellectual Property Division

“From the nurse at the end of faculty row all the way up to Ken LaRocque – who was my senior course advisor, college counselor, dorm master, and dean – there were people who influenced my time at Avon. Mr. Mac, Mr. Custer, Mr. Chabot, Mr. Mitchell, The Evans', Mr. Driscoll, Mr. Khron, and Mr. Narsipur all stand out as people who mentored me along the way. "

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"Only by an awakened sense of wonder may a youth become aware of his relation to the universe.”

Theodate Pope Riddle, Founder