We Know JUST How Remarkable Boys Can Be

Boys learn differently ...and we know how to teach them.

Why Choose an All-Boys School?

There's a built-in system of care—we call it "The Brotherhood"—at Avon. Boarding at the school gives a boy more opportunities to feel surrounded and cared for because:

  1. There's individual attention given: your son won't just be a number, he will have an advisor to talk to, a Big Brother to mentor him, and countless other boys he boards with.
  2. Faculty and friends celebrate your son's successes with him: we have a legendary family-like community that will get to know your son.
  3. Our traditions foster real connections: We eat meals family-style ...meaning your son will be face-to-face with his coaches and teachers several times a day.
  4. We are strategically inclusive: Your son will meet and interact daily with friends from around the globe.

FAQs: Avonians tell us about life at an all-boys school.

We teach boys to tap into these key life skills:


students with laptops

All challenges comes with risks. However, in a supportive environment, our boys are encouraged to accept challenges to help them learn. Avon has created a dynamic where – even if a student falls – his brothers will help him get back up.


students showing teachers their work

Boys learn through engagement, movement, and collaboration: they study deeper in groups, discuss more around a table, and learn better through sharing. Together, our students excel.


science class outside by stream

We understand that boys need movement in their day. Our faculty encourage their students to get up, explore the classroom, and our campus. Looking at something from a new perspective can inspire a new understanding.


student photographing stream

From our video production team to our ceramics studio, the creative energy of our students has an outlet to flourish. Our teachers are dedicated to inspiring creativity in our students. At Avon, we know greatness lies just beyond a student's comfort zone.


avon army at hockey game

Avon is an empathy-building environment that fosters concern for fellow students and the greater community. The brotherhood is real at Avon: our men are taught to stand up for each other and for what is right.


students hold faculty kid

At our private all boy high school in Connecticut, our students have room to develop facets of their character that might be passed by otherwise. Our boys naturally rise to tasks that might typically be taken on by girls, exposing them to new experiences and thoughts.