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Professional Networking, Mentoring, and Connecting.

You can message anyone on the AOF Alumni Network! There is no need to wait for a connection to be approved; you're already connected simply by being on the network. We recommend you message those with "Willing to Help" in their profile.

Mentoring is an exciting way to connect with a fellow alumnus for a specific purpose, such as ongoing mentorship, career advice, resume review, informational interview, or to learn more about an internship. Whether you want to change industries or figure out the next step in your career, this is a way to connect. 

Tip: You can find suggested mentors by clicking "Mentoring" in the main menu!

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Here's an example of what a profile might look like:

Under Offering Mentoring, this member has indicated that they are available for a few options—anyone can press "Request Mentoring" to send a message and indicate what type of mentorship they are seeking. 

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Willing to Help Settings

Willing to Help is a variety of short-term options, from introducing members to others at their workplace, meeting for coffee, or even introducing you to local friends (especially great if you've moved to a new area!).

Check out the settings this member has set in their profile. Pressing "Request help" lets you send a message with a specific request. 

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You can update your settings by clicking "Mentoring" on the menu and then "Settings." Make sure to press "Update mentorship settings."

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Boston Winged Beaver Club


The Avon Old Farms Alumni Association has announced the launch of the Boston Winged Beaver Club. The brotherhood is the strength of our community, and the Boston Winged Beaver Club is a great way to foster this spirit of camaraderie. The club offers many events and activities, including happy hours, game-watch parties, and networking events. Joining this club is a great way to connect with alumni and build lasting friendships. A group recently gathered at Harpoon Brewery for a drink. The Boston Winged Beaver Club leadership is committed to making this club successful and creating a welcoming and inclusive community for all Avonian brothers.  

If you're in Boston and want to connect with your fellow Avonian brothers, join the Boston Winged Beaver Club today. Join the club group on the AOF Alumni Network to stay updated with all the news and events. If you're interested in getting involved with the club, please get in touch with the Alumni Engagement team at We look forward to seeing you at our next event!