The Alumni Association

Our goal is to create, perpetuate, and enhance relationships among Avon Old Farms alumni, current and prospective students, faculty, staff, and friends to foster loyalty, interest, and support for the School, for one another, and to build pride, spirit, and community.

As an alum, you're already a member of the Avon Old Farms Alumni Association, now more than 6,500 strong. We encourage you to engage with the Alumni Association by attending our events held worldwide (as well as online), following our social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, volunteering, and even career networking. Members of the Alumni Association work with the School's Alumni and Development Office to provide you with social and professional opportunities to connect.


The National Council

2023-24 National Council Executive Officers


Rob Gryboski '88 - Chairman

Andrew Corrigan '98 - Vice-Chairman
Chase Donaldson '68, Secretary

Sabrina Rettaliata P'16, Treasurer
Sam Rubenstein '85, Nominating Committee

2023-24 National Council Members


Aaron Ayree '14
John-Oliver Beirne '03
Anne Black P'99
Lisa Brady P'11
Josh Bruff '01
Mike Conroy '85
John Courage '11
Knick Curtis, Jr. '63
Jock Davenport '59
Dan Entwistle '89
Michael Fish '95
Andrew Fischer '91
Sarah Gardella P'19

Drew Graham '85
George Henschel, Jr. '61
Jordan Jayson '94
Chane Keller '08
Russ Lallier '03
Michael Lech '88
Kevin Ludwig '99
Brian Maitland '80
John McCormick, Jr. '82
Winston McKellar '69
Pat McLaughlin P'15
Seth Mendell '52
John Mori '05

Mike Mullin, IV '91
James Patten '88
George Psaras '98
Peter Reed '88
Stephen Roge '92
Austin Sperry '96
Christopher Stone '88
Ned Thompson '74, P'03, P'08
Jonathan Usich '89
Louis Usich, III '85
Lincoln Young '77, P'10

Led by dedicated alumni passionate about their School, their fellow alumni, and the greater Avon Old Farms community, the National Council meets twice a year on campus and virtually, as needed.