The Avon Old Farms Career Mentor Program connects young alumni with established alumni who are experienced in a similar industry or field.

A budding professional can benefit from the insight and direction of a fellow Avonian’s real-world experience in his industry. A mentor can build upon his foundations of leadership by helping a young man pursuing his new career path.

Be an Avon Edge Career Mentor

Are you an alumnus with extensive knowledge and experiences in your profession? Consider coming alongside a young graduate of Avon Old Farms.


Frequently Asked Questions

Inspired and Confident

“Chris Stone ’88 and I first met when I was still a freshman at Avon. His experience with opening his own firm inspired me at that point and gave me confidence to pursue my passion for art and architecture at Avon Old Farms. The internship opportunity came while I was a freshman in college. I was reconnected with Chris and was invited to New York for an interview where I was given the internship. To me, it has always been a dream to live and work in New York City.”

Jackie Chen ’15