The Avon Old Farms College Mentor Program connects current juniors and seniors with alumni presently on the same or similar college path.

A current student can benefit from the insight of a fellow Avonian (graduate within 1 - 5 years) who is either attending the college or studying the subject of the younger student's interest. A mentor can build upon his foundations of leadership by coming alongside a younger student.

Be an Avon Edge College Mentor

Are you a recent graduate (1-5 years) still attending college? Consider sharing your collegiate insights with a current junior or senior at Avon Old Farms.


Frequently Asked Questions

The Brotherhood is Real

“The Avon brotherhood is real. I experienced this brotherhood not only from my fellow classmates but also from alumni. I met Mr. Dennis ’00 during an intersession trip to Goldman Sachs. We connected over my top college choice the University of Pennsylvania where he attended college. He has since given me additional advice over the phone regarding internships and college majors.”

Leo Luo ’17