Visual Arts

Visual Arts at Avon Old Farms School

Young people with high arts involvement are 4 times more likely to be recognized for academic achievements. Americans for the Arts, 2012 Our open art studios are an oasis for boys. Whether they are novices or experienced artists, they find respite in its unique space and delve into projects designed to give them individual voice and strengthen their confidence while building technical skill and artistic literacy. The skilled and intuition-focused art department guides students with options for a young man to discover his inner artistic talents.

Our art teachers foster a fun and safe studio environment that encourages experimentation with many types of media and the sharing of artistic inspiration. In addition to academic pursuits, an Avon boy can excel in extra-curricular arts opportunities to hone his skills further.

The Foundational Power of Art

"An art once served with sincerity will never wholly abandon one."


Visual Arts Courses

The Opportunity to Investigate

"There is nothing more important than allowing boys to self-actualize on their own terms. I can think of no greater privilege and responsibility than to participate in shaping a generation of young men; at my core, I want nothing more than to help these boys become the best version of themselves."