We're excited to have your students back on the Farm

Avon Safe is our comprehensive strategy to keep our campus and our community safe by limiting the spread of COVID-19. Our COVID Task Force has formulated a Pandemic Operations Response Plan to address multiple considerations including the health, wellness, and safety of our community as well as the continuity of operations of the school with the least impact to our students and faculty during the current pandemic.


The plan's goal is to protect the health and safety of the Avon community by:

  1. Limiting the number of illnesses in our community
  2. Preserving the continuity of essential school functions
  3. Minimizing educational and social disruption
  4. Maintain robust academic program & institutional well-being

The health and safety decisions surrounding AOF’s plan to return to campus are guided by the standards of care, guidelines, and protocols set forth by medical science and public health experts such as the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control, and the Farmington Valley Health District. These decisions will continue to be guided by leading professionals in the medical field, our school’s Medical Director, and local/state-wide medical groups that focus on health and safety specific to the boarding school environment.


Academic Calendar

Meet the Team

Rob Whitty, Associate Headmaster
Rob Dowling, Provost
Roger Cantello, Dean of Faculty
Graham Callaghan, Dean of Studies
Geoff Barlow, Athletic Director
John Bourgault, Athletic Director
Heather Callaghan, Director of Nursing
Brian Doyle, Dean of Students
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Campus Facilities

Avon is going the extra mile to create a safe campus. Be assured that we are diligently building clean spaces with maximum air quality to generate a great and safe experience for all our students.