FAll 2020: AThletics at Avon

We are committed to continuing our legendary athletic programs this fall, which have produced many elite level athletes and provide an opportunity for competition to all students. We believe that athletics teach valuable life lessons that will serve boys well throughout their lives, whether or not they pursue athletics at a higher level.

In response to the uncertainty of the current circumstances, we have been working on a vast array of flexible options to allow for participation and competition this fall. Options range from a full fall athletic season complete with interscholastic competition to a modified fall schedule that would allow for daily skill training in the winter and spring sports.


The Founders League, recognizing the critical challenges posed by the COVID crisis that require further study, will make a decision about interscholastic competition within the League for the coming year in the latter half of July, 2020.

Following guidelines set out recently by the State of Connecticut Higher Education/Residential Education and K-12 Independent School COVID Task Forces regarding social distancing, the use of PPE and other safety measures designed to mitigate the risk of transmission, we are focusing on the issue of safety and student well-being in trying to find commensurate ways to undertake team sports and interscholastic athletic competition. - Founders League Statement June 10, 2020