Blended Learning

Academics at Avon

We will continue to emphasize the importance of excellent on-campus, in-person instruction, but that traditional model will be strengthened by creating a blended learning design for current courses in order to offer the best and most flexible model of instruction for both on-campus and online learning.

  • Our teachers will redesign courses by creating comprehensive online content that aligns with in-person instruction. - Developing online content extends the classroom and will allow for a smoother transition to distance learning should there be a disruption to our on-campus program, while meeting our same high standards of rigor, excellence, and commitment to R.E.A.L. Learning and best practices for educating boys.
  • As part of a blended learning model, our students will develop and refine valuable media literacy and information and communication technology (ICT) skills in addition to gaining knowledge about themselves as students with individual learning styles.
  • Blended learning environments fundamentally emphasize relational learning by providing more opportunities for students and teachers to interact.
  • Online content will not only be available to our students on campus and thereby provide opportunities for more active (activity-based) learning in the classroom, but also will be available to students who cannot or choose not to be on campus in order for them to participate more fully in the academic program.
  • Our teachers are encouraged this fall whenever possible and appropriate to use the campus as an outdoor classroom for class meetings and learning activities, which is consistent with Theodate Pope Riddle’s pioneering pedagogy.
  • A revised academic calendar includes an earlier start date that will allow for an extended winter break after Thanksgiving and a student-driven, interdisciplinary project-based Character Program for a week in December.

Note: We will unveil a detailed Blended Learning Program shortly!

AVON SAFE: How We're Keeping Students Safe In Class



  • De-densify all existing classroom spaces.
  • Distance through redesigned classroom and instructional spaces.
  • Repurpose appropriate spaces for use as classrooms to meet physical distancing guidelines.


Safety Procedures

  • Establishment of safe classroom protocols to include new entry/exit procedures to maintain safe physical distancing and additional cleaning and disinfection procedures.
  • All class participants (students and instructors) must wear face masks and students will be encouraged to face the same direction as much as possible.
  • Additional personal hygiene measures will be required for more interactive teaching environments.

Fall Opening Dates