Donor Recognition

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Thank you for making my first year as director such a rewarding experience. The teacher definitely became the student this year. With all my years spent on the Avon campus in my wide variety of roles, I can honestly tell you that this year opened my eyes to a new view of the school. It meant long hours of homework as I became familiar with the demands of providing the financial security necessary to allow Avon Old Farms School to thrive and continue to meet our mission. It has been gratifying to see the support from so many of you who feel as deeply about this school and its mission as I do.

Thanks to your generous support, we have continued to make progress. A few highlights include:

Being a part of that process which brings funding to projects and programs which give us the ability to broaden and enrich the experience of our students makes all the work my staff and I do worth it.

As we take the time to appreciate the many ways we have made positive change, we dedicate ourselves to the work needed to make sure that progress continues. Even with all our accomplishments this year, my focus remains on what lies ahead. No matter how many projects and programs come to fruition, the challenge to set the framework for the future does not diminish; it only grows as we realize the potential of what could be the future of Avon.

I promise you that I will be relentless in my work and in guiding the work of my staff. What I ask of you is that you continue to support Avon as you have in the past, and to dig deeper. Our school is strong and vibrant, but it will take all of us moving in the same direction to ensure it continues to thrive. It is a mission I am committed to, and I thank you for supporting Avon in such an impactful and meaningful way.