endowments, funds functioning as endowments or special purpose funds

Avon, through the generosity of its many loyal supporters, has under management funds totaling over $53 million as of June 30, 2017. For additional information about endowments at Avon Old Farms School, please contact Robin Delnicki, Associate Director of Development, at 860-404-4156.

Scholarship Funds

A5 Scholarship

Jane B. Aron Scholarship Fund

D. Arthur Bartholomew Scholarship Fund

Brooks Scholarship Fund

The Sidney C. Clark Scholarship Fund

Class of 1960 Golden Anniversary

Scholarship Fund

Class of 1963 Differ Fund

Class of 1965 Scholarship Fund

Class of 1985 Juan Comella

Scholarship Fund

Colatrella Family Scholarship

Cole Family Scholarship

Conroy Scholarship Fund

Miriam L. and Jorge H. Consuegra ’51 Scholarship Fund

Terry Cutler Fund for Minority Students

D’Amelio Family Scholarship Fund

Coach Frank D.B. DiCocco ’02 Scholarship Fund

DiFiglia Family Scholarship Fund

Diogenes Scholarship Fund

Djiounas-Pancavage Scholarship Fund

The Francis S. & Mary A. Driscoll Scholarship Fund

Peter M. Evans Scholarship Fund

Flanagan Lacrosse Scholarship

The Edward E. Ford Foundation Scholarship

John T. Gardner Scholarship Fund

General Scholarship Fund

Richard and Dee Gordon Scholarship Fund

Charles Hayden Foundation Endowment Fund

Hoffman Foundation Scholars Fund

Gregg Richard Linburg ’87 Scholarship Fund

Kathy M. & William W. Lyon ’63 Scholarship Fund

George C. Lyon Scholarship Fund

Lyons/Barry Scholarship

William O’Donnell Family Scholarship Fund

Donald W. Pierpont Memorial Fund

Dr. William G. Ryan Scholarship

Jack A. Sebastian Scholarship Fund

Warren W. Smith Scholarship Fund

Alex Story Fund

Suisman Scholarship Fund

Trautman Scholars Fund

The George M. Trautman Scholarship Fund

Pedro L. Vega ’12 Scholarship Fund

Roger G. Wing ’71 Scholarship Fund

Richard H. Woodwell ’75 Scholarship Fund

Student Enrichment Funds

Established by the Parents Association to fund special projects, in consultation with the headmaster, which support enhancements in academics, sports, and extracurricular activities for the benefit of Avon students.

Library Funds

David S. Bowen Memorial Fund

Sidney C. Clark Book Fund

Library Fund

Hansi Smith Endowed Library Fund

Funded Student Awards

Adam ’93 and Luke ’95 Cline Prize

David Kinsley Florian ’75 Memorial Fund

Linburg Memorial Fund

Schiller Memorial Fund

Woodwell Leadership Award

Faculty Funds & Awards

Cashion Distinguished Teaching Prize

Sidney C. Clark Chair of English Literature Fund

Fanning Award

Finest Faculty Fund

Jennings Faculty Fund

Ludwig Junior Faculty Chair

Seth Mendell Chair in History

Pierpont Headmaster’s Chair

Interdisciplinary Funds

The Buchanan Family Foundation

Endowment for Choral Music

T. K. Curtis Jr. Endowment for Music

T. K. Curtis Jr. Endowment for Faculty

Drew Family History Fund

Fairchild Language Lab Fund

William G. Kron Fund for Science

Gail A. Laferriere Endowment for the Visual Arts

Christopher Lawler ’82

Theatre Award and Performing Arts Fund

McKernan Life Science Fund

Nimrod Endowment

Ordway Environmental Studies Fund

Ordway Music Endowment

Physical Plant

Jack R. Aron Centennial Fund

Pope Brooks Reserve Fund

Deferred Maintenance Fund

Riddle Trust Capital Renewal Fund

General Endowment Funds

Biondo Fund

Estabrook Fund

Harper Memorial Fund

McShane Endowment for Off-Campus Charitable Activities

Memorial Fund

Rothschild Endowment Fund for Academic and Athletic Excellence

Leading Edge Endowment Fund