Kevin Driscoll ’72, P’08 Brotherhood Scholarship

Help Support a Core Tenant of the Avon Old Farms School: The Legendary Brotherhood



Join us in honoring one of Avon’s greatest brothers by supporting the Kevin Driscoll Brotherhood Scholarship.


As Kevin Driscoll completes his last year on Ryan Field and full-time work at Avon Old Farms School, we invite you to support the Kevin Driscoll ’72, P’08 Brotherhood Scholarship. This scholarship, originally founded in 1998, has supported young men who actively contribute to the Avon community to enhance the spirit of brotherhood. Our goal is to raise two million dollars, making this one of the largest scholarships in the school's history. Help us create a lasting legacy. Your support of the Kevin Driscoll Brotherhood Scholarship will make the Avon experience accessible to young men for years to come.

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Coach Driscoll On The Cover


Why support the Brotherhood scholarship?

Kevin’s sense of brotherhood runs deeper than the ties with his 6 biological brothers who also attended Avon with the support of scholarship money. The brotherhood for Kevin consists of classmates, students, players, families, and colleagues that have inspired, challenged, and supported Kevin over the past 30 years.



The Brotherhood is real

Avonians are challenged to aspire and persevere in the quest for knowledge and self-improvement. Through their journey, our students are met with unwavering support of their classmates and forge fraternal bonds that will last a lifetime!    







Bring our historic Old Farms past back to life with a greeting or great memory for Kevin Driscoll. Submit your note using the form below. You can also upload a photo of you, or one of you with Driscoll, to be posted along with your submission.

After all, at Avon, it’s our tradition to honor those who inspire excellence.





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