Gifts of Retirement Assets

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Your Legacy will be an Avonian's Future

Gifts of Retirement Assets

Naming Avon Old Farms as a full or partial beneficiary to your retirement plans – IRA’s, 401(k)’s, Keough’s, and other pension accounts is a simple way to make a significant gift to Avon Old Farms School, and possibly be a very tax efficient way to manage your estate.  Charitable organizations such as Avon Old Farms are not required to pay income, estate, or excise tax which could be up to 80% of the assets in your retirement plan.  The taxes on these accounts can make it the least beneficial way to pass on wealth to your heirs. 

Download Intention to Make a Retirement Asset Gift Form

Benefits Include:

  • Ability to support Avon Old Farms without diminishing your current assets or income
  • You can continue to make withdrawals from your account during your lifetime
  • Potential estate tax savings
  • Flexibility of making future changes in allotment to your beneficiaries without changing your will
  • Ease in administrative duties for your executor.  The funds are distributed by your plan administrator.

You can name Avon Old Farms School as beneficiary by downloading a beneficiary form on your plan’s website or by speaking with your plan administrator and requesting that a form be sent to you.  After you have filled out the form keep a copy with your estate planning documents and return a copy to your plan administrator.

You will likely need the following information to properly complete the beneficiary form.

Name of Charity: Avon Old Farms School, Inc.

Federal Tax ID: 06-0655480

Address: 500 Old Farms Road, Avon, CT 06001

If you have a specific bequest intention please contact Sarah Wallace in the Alumni and Development Office so we can assist with successfully implementing your bequest intentions.

Sarah Wallace
Phone 860-404-4267