Riddle Society

Understanding the Riddle Society and its Benefits

The Riddle Society is Avon Old Farms School planned giving society.  It provides a way for you to integrate your personal, financial, and estate planning by making lifetime or testamentary charitable gifts.  The preponderance of planned gifts go to Avon’s endowment.  Our endowment helps us sustain generous financial aid so that an Avon education is accessible to young men of integrity.  The endowment allows us to be a leader in educational programs that prepare our boys to succeed in college and beyond.  Our campus will be preserved for future Avonians and your gift will support the school for generations to come.  Below I’ve shared several common types of planned gifts and their benefits.


Become a Riddle Society Member today.  For more information, please contact:

Sarah Wallace, Planned Gifts Manager
Avon Old Farms School Alumni and Development Office

500 Old Farms Road
Avon, CT 06001

Office: 860-404-4267
Cell: 860-331-9372


Avon honors benefactors who have created trusts, bequests, and other planned gifts for Avon Old Farms by recognizing them as members of the Riddle Society.

Anonymous (30)

Mr. Geoffrey M. Anderson ’75

Mr. Anthony Antoville ’52

Ms. Sara Arnell P’10

Mr. John H. Asiel ’67

Mr. William P. Austin ’92

Mr. Emmett M. Avery III ’67 d

Mr. L. Larus Avery ’69

Mr. Michael D. Barker ’66

Mr. Spencer E. Beal Sr. ’65, P’95

Mr. Timothy R. Beeble ’71

Mr. Richard P. Behr ’67

Mr. David C. Bigelow ’44

Mr. Joseph R. Biondo P’92

Mr. James R. Birle P’85

Mr. Thomas E. Bissell ’77

Mr. & Mrs. Rodman R. Black Jr. P’99

Mr. Edward D. Brown ’76

Mr. Harris H. Bucklin III ’70

Mr. James L. Bush ’73

Mr. Christopher R. B. Cargen ’66

Mr. Jeffrey A. Carlson ’73

Mr. Daniel E. Carpenter ’72

Mr. Austin Chambers ’58

Mr. & Mrs. Martin I. Cole H’16, P’04

Mr. Brian B. Conroy ’82, H’13, P’20

Mr. Michael C. Conroy ’85, P’22

Mr. Henry R. Coons ’71, P’07

Mr. James W. Corrigan ’67, P’98

Mr. Frank D. Costello ’60, P’85

Mr. Courtenay Crocker ’68

Mr. Thomas K. Curtis ’63 

Mr. Huntley G. Davenport ’56 d

Mr. John F. Davenport ’59 

Mr. William S. David ’61

Mr. Harold A. Davis ’76

Mr. J. Stratford R. Dennis ’00

Mr. Chase F. Donaldson ’68

Mr. James T. Donkel ’69

Mr. Guy O. Dove III ’57

Mr. John E. Drew P’85, ’87, GP’17, ’18

Mr. Steven D. Dyson ’82

Mr. David M. Emmes P’07

Mr. Charles F. Emmons ’63

Mr. Daniel J. Entwistle ’89

Mr. & Mrs. Peter M. Evans H’18, H’18, P’98

Mr. Andrew H. Fisher ’91

Dr. & Mrs. Henry E. Flanagan H’18, GP’16, ’20

Mr. Thomas Foote & Ms. Constance Williams P’08

Mr. Samuel W. Franklin III ’55

Mr. Graham C. Garland ’09

Mr. Matthew H. Gates ’65

Mr. Vere W. Gaynor ’66

Mr. Scott M. Goodwyn ’92

Mr. Dean C. Graham ’84

Mr. Rufus K. Griscom ’62

Dr. Robert A. Gryboski ’57, P’88, ’99

Mr. David M. Hallam ’66

Mr. S. Lawrence Hammerman II ’71

Dr. Christopher K. Hampton ’79,
P’09, ’10, ’11

Mr. Christopher K. Hampton ’09

Mr. Gerard D. Hampton ’11

Mr. Norman F. Hampton, AIA ’59

Mr. Patrick D. Hampton ’10

Mr. Wayne R. Hartigan ’59

Mrs. Eleni Hatzidakis W’54

Mr. Edward J. Hawie ’55, P’82

Mr. John W. Hawie ’82

Mr. John R. Hebberd ’67

Mr. E. Paul Herbert ’62

Ms. Katherine E. Dietze
& Mr. William H. Heyman P’11

Mr. Malcolm M. Hirsh Jr. ’67, P’03

Ms. Lucy A. Hurston P’03

Mr. Jordan Jayson ’94

Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Kumming P’98

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth H. LaRocque H’19, H’19, P’01, ’10

Mr. Frank G. Leavitt ’52, P’76, GP’15

Mr. William M. Lipton ’70

Mr. William W. Lyon ’63

Mr. Francis K.C. Madeira ’34 d

Mr. George W. Madeira ’68

Mr. Brian R. Maitland ’80, P’18

Mr. & Mrs. H. Stanley Mansfield Jr. P’97

Capt. Douglas B. Marshall ’59, P’95

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth J. McNealy P’86

Mr. David R. McShane ’59

Mr. Seth F. Mendell ’52

Mr. Frederick M. Michel ’77

Mr. Mrs. Jeffrey B. Minnick ’64

Mr. Joseph H. Moglia P’96

Mr. Donald R. Monaco ’55

Mr. Mrs. George F. Motter IV ’59

Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Murgio P’94, ’99

Mr. Henry L. Murray III ’06

Ms. Geraldine T. Nesbitt

Mr. Allan J. O’Connor ’75

Mr. Samuel W. Off Jr. ’66

Mr. Rolf H. Olson ’59 

Mr. Peter M. O’Neill ’81

Ms. Kathryn A. Ordway P’04 

Mr. Clayton S. Parsons III ’78

Mr. Richard W. Pendleton Jr. H’96

Mr. G. Keating Pepper ’65

Mr. C. Ford Reese Jr. ’60 

Mr. Henry S. Rosenbaum ’72

Mr. Sheldon R. Roth ’54

Mr. Richard B. Rothschild P’05

Mr. Jon R. Salony ’64

Mr. Roger P. Salz ’68 

Mr. Robert S. Scott Jr. ’68

Mr. Daniel J. Seiden ’00

Mr. Glenn A. Sieber P’17

Mr. Eric J. T. Skemp ’60

Mr. Gregory K. Snow ’79

Mr. Spencer K. Sokale ’64

Mr. William M. Strumlauf ’52 d

Mr. Stephen C. Sumner ’59

Mr. Richard S. Taylor ’58

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Theis P’06

Mr. Charles P. Thompson II ’03

Mr. Edward P. Thompson ’74, P’03, ’08

Mr. Preston L. Thompson ’08

Mr. Richard K. Thorndike III ’57, P’84

Mr. William C. Tost ’55

Mr. George M. Trautman H’98, P’75, ’81, ’82, GP’03 d

Mr. Richard S. Valentine ’64

Mr. Warren S. Van Deventer ’63

Dr. Joseph C. Vecchiarino III ’71 d

Mr. Peter K. Van Winkle ’60

Mr. Richard W. Walker ’52 d

Dr. & Mrs. Christopher Wallace

Mr. Philip S. Wellman ’82

Mr. John D. Wendler ’68

Mr. Richard L. Williams ’60

Mr. Sigmund Windsberg ’53

Mrs. John H. Wise Jr. GP’09

Mr. Geoffrey N. Wiswell ’74

Mr. James P. Wysong ’48 d

Mr. William E. Young ’85

Riddle Society Legacy Gifts Received

Mrs. Louise B. Adams P’64, ’68, GP’01

Mr. Donald Carson

Mr. Lewis S. Catlin ’38

Mr. Sidney C. Clark H’65

Mrs. Jean M. Coons P’71, GP’07

Capt. Victor Delano P’75 d

Mr. John P. Downing ’36

Mr. Robert S. Edwards ’42

Mr. F. Reed Estabrook Jr. ’36

Mr. John N. Estabrook W’32

Mr. Edgar W. B. Fairchild P’60

Mr. Spencer S. Keyes ’67

Mr. Oliver A. Kimberly Jr. ’52

Dr. Richard K. Loveland ’59

Mr. George C. Lyon ’34

Mr. Calvert Magruder ’46, H’06

Mr. Edmund S. McCawley Jr. ’40

Mr. William M. McCawley ’37

Mr. John C. Merritt ’34

Mr. Daniel F. North ’37

Mr. Christopher H. Phillips ’39

Mrs. Mary L. Purdey P’56

Mr. Gordon C. Ramsey H’80

Mr. James L. Shirk ’50

Mr. Anthony M. Small ’56