With AOF Summer Online Courses, you can be ready to conquer the academic year this fall.

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AOF Summer Online Courses FAQs


"We Highly Recommend the Summer Program"

As parents, we were extremely pleased with the quality of instruction and the uncompromising course rigor of the program. We highly recommend the summer program to students looking to advance a level in their coursework or simply strengthen their basics in a specific area. 

Sathya and Gita Motupally, P’21

As a student, I felt that the online instruction I received during my Algebra 2 summer course catered to my learning style. A blend of video instruction and live review sessions allowed me to fully grasp the material and eventually set me up for high school math at the highest level. 

Saagar Motupally ’21

AOF Summer Online Courses Offered

Eight-Week Credit Courses 

Since the eight week credit classes (same syllabus as the classes offered during the school year) will be covering a year’s worth of work in a eight-week summer class, students are expected to put in approximately three hours per day watching videos and working on assignments. Please refer to the calendar on the right of this page for further information regarding important dates.

Grading is based on weekly assignments and summative exams. Please refer to the FAQ section above for further information. Successful completion will result in a student receiving credit for the course, and it will show up on his Avon Old Farms transcript. Course completion certificates are available for students outside AOF who are seeking credit.

Eight-Week Preview Courses 

We will also be offering eight-week courses that preview the full-year. These courses will follow the full-year credit curriculum without requiring graded performance. The purpose of these courses is to help students prepare for an upcoming class in the fall. As with the credit classes, students will complete weekly assignments and take a mid-term and final exam. For the preview courses, students are expected to put in approximately two hours per day watching videos and working on assignments.

Four-Week Credit/Preview Courses

The four week credit and preview courses are designed to provide intensive instruction in certain specific areas of study that support or augment the course work in a year-long course. Like the eight-week courses, there will be weekly problem sets with 2-3 hours of daily asynchronous work of video watching and practice necessary to complete the sets. At the end of the four weeks, there will be a final exam. These are half credit (.5) courses that will appear on the student’s transcript if the course is taken for credit.

Four-Week SAT Preparation Courses

For Enrolled Avon Old Farms Students Only

We offer SAT Preparation in both the Math and the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing sections. Students can take either course or both together. 

Each course is $500. Or you can take both courses for the discounted total price of $750. 

These are intensive, rigorous, accelerated programs that will prepare your son for the section in which he needs support or, if taken together, the entire test. 

Two-Week Preparation Courses for Incoming Students

For Enrolled Avon Old Farms Students Only

Our two-week preparation courses are designed to provide some review, a head-start, and some support for our newest students as they approach the upcoming school year. These courses will help to “knock the rust off” the summer, get boys refocused on academics, and introduce some concepts inherent in prep school academics. Whether you want to review and refresh your learning from last year or get a head-start on some of the upcoming concepts, these two-week classes can help any boy feeling a little end-of-summer academic trepidation gain some momentum and confidence heading into the new school year. Students can take all five courses or pick any combination that suits their interests and needs. The first course is $750 and additional courses will be offered at a discounted rate of $500 each.

First Session: Two-Week Preparation Courses

Second Session: Two-Week Preparation Courses

Cost of Courses

Course Cost
Eight-Week Full Year Credit $2,000
Eight-Week Full-Year Preview $1,000
Four-Week Credit $1,000
Four-Week Preview $500
Four-Week US History through Primary Sources $750
Four-Week SAT Prep $500
Two-Week Preparation Course $750

Questions? Contact the AOF Summer Online Courses Director

Director of Online Programs & Computer Science Faculty


"Summer courses at Avon are amazing as it allows for maximum flexibility in the classroom. Whether it be for preview or for credit, the summer courses helped me move forward in otherwise impossible ways in the classroom and get into more advanced classes like AP Physics or AP Calc."

Brian Dowling ’22

Course Calendar

A “Just-In-Time” Learning Experience

"The summer preview class in computer science provides a “just-in-time” learning experience that allowed my son to get comfortable taking risks while exploring new material. Gaining a foundation over the summer not only instilled confidence, but also built resilience that he applied to more fully engage in the classroom and take deeper dives into coding, which have broadened his initial interests. The teacher is very accessible to answer questions and provide an instructional approach that fully aligns with student interests. Equally important, my son appreciated the flexibility to complete his summer coursework around his work/sports schedule."

Gina Aube, P’22