Campus Safety Update

On Wednesday, Sept. 18, our campus safety team and the Avon Police Department communicated vital safety protocols to the student body.

The campus safety team is comprised of seasoned law enforcement officers and key school administration. The team focused on three keywords: community, awareness, and responsibility. The school also conducted a test drill on Friday, Sept. 20 and will report back to parents regarding the results of the campus-wide drill.

Our safety procedures, emergency preparedness FAQs, and contact information are detailed at


The Avon Old Farms Safety Department provides increased security and safety for the Avon Old Farms School community, without significantly impacting the daily freedom of the campus environment. We ensure a safe environment by developing a flexible plan that can be applied to a variety of emergency situations, including school violence, hazardous incidents and/or weather events. This strategy will be both proactive and reactive in design and will address the overall safety of the campus community in partnership with the Avon Police Department.