Class of 2023 PSAT Score Report Letter

December 3, 2020 


To the Students and Families of Avon’s Class of 2023:

Your PSAT scores will become available on Tuesday, December 8. If you provided an email address when you took the test, you will receive an email from the College Board with instructions on how to see your scores online. If you do not receive an email from the College Board by Wednesday, Dec. 9, or if you did not provide an email address when you took the test, you can still get your scores by setting up a  College Board account and finding your score report via an access code that is available from the College Counseling Office. Please contact Claudine Meaney for that code. We have attached a sample score report to this message to help you interpret your scores. One of the most helpful features of that report is at the end where it provides question-level feedback for the test. Your English teacher will return your score report and your original test book in class. 

A note about the scores themselves: Sophomores should expect their scores to seem low as they have not yet covered some of the material involved. Indeed, when we meet with the class as a whole to discuss the PSAT, our primary message will be: do not panic if you do not like your score!  This is just a very preliminary look at testing, and there is plenty of time before they begin to take tests such as this for college admission.

For those considering test preparation classes, we would suggest that you consider having your son connect his PSAT scores to Khan Academy through the College Board website. Their program will analyze his answers and then design a test prep program for him using real SAT questions to focus on the questions he got wrong. It is available at no cost to you, and your son can work whenever he chooses to do so. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about the PSAT or your son’s scores.



The College Counseling Team